Explore Georgia and widen your horizon

Explore Georgia and widen your horizon
Explore Georgia and widen your horizon

There are a lot of things in the World, which can make person feel happy and alive. And no doubt, that one of such things, which can bring the biggest pleasure is travelling. Travelling, as nothing else, can widen your horizon and open new possibilities. Of course, choice of destination place must be careful and attentive. One of the places on the planet Earth, which can surprise even the most experienced travelers is Georgia. This country is not so big, but concentration of places of interest in it is so high, that can surprise everybody.

Georgia is attractive because of the fact, that here everybody can find exactly that format of rest, which was expected. Moreover, rest here is possible in any time of the year.

Those, who have already been in Georgia, have variable memories. Some people can’t forget the hospitality of locals, others can’t forget unbelievable Georgian cousin with dishes, full of spices and unforgettable flavors. In winter time ski resorts are ready to accept everybody who wants to experience winter sports here. In summer endless beaches are also ready to provide high level of rest.
Of course, one of the main questions, which everybody has to decide before going to Georgia, is how to organize trip to make it perfect. Usually annual leave is quite limited, so it’s understandable, that trip must be created in the details to be well organized. Some people prefer to decide this question themselves, but usually for this must be spend a lot of time. Such questions, as organization of tickets, accommodation and transfers, are quite complicated.

The best idea for those who want to get from travel exactly what they need is to use service of travel operator 42 Meridian company. Here works company of real professionals, for who there are no tasks, which they can’t carry out. For clients here are presented different types of best tours in Georgia and excursions, between which can choose something even the most demandable one. Each tour has full and clear description, and also operators are always ready to give answers on all the questions.

No big surprise, that a lot of clients, who came here once, already became permanent. You can see this, just looking through the reviews, which our travelers leave on the website. Of course, in our work we use only reliable sources and partners. In each category we provide only the best accommodation and high level of service.

We guarantee, that with our help you would fall in love with Georgia from the first glance, because this country can’t leave anybody indifferent.

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